The Payoffs Have Been Electric, Above 1,100%, Now There’s Only One Strong Move To Make Before Bitcoin Soars Any Higher (CSE: LNK)

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  • You could lower your risk while riding bitcoin’s skyrocketing mega trend.
  • Find out why 1 million abandoned gas wells could be the secret to sustained bitcoin wealth.
  • Never own a coin, but join the big-name bitcoin mainstream… The NYSE, Goldman Sachs, the NASDAQ, and Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
  • See why (CSE: LNK) could be one of the very best pure slap-your-forehead 21 century investments ever!

Bitcoin’s price is the glitz and glamor and sizzle… but investors who discover the quiet behind-the-scenes world of cryptocurrencies could be the biggest winners over the long-term.

That’s because bitcoin, in particular, is now a digital natural resource… it’s gold’s uptown cousin.

Because as with gold, bitcoin is mined, it’s price is volatile, and it’s coveted.

And, like gold, no matter the price, the mining operations continue, three shifts a day digging deeper for hard-earned treasure.

And that’s why natural resource investors should join their cryptocurrency investor brethren and turn their immediate focus on Link Global Technologies Inc.  (CSE: LNK).

Because Link Global is a straight up mining infrastructure play. For, like Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) is to gold mines, Link Global is to bitcoin mines… indispensable.

Not Sexy, But Quite Profitable For Link Global and Miner Alike

Mining Realities Are Often Profitable Truths

Of course, the huge difference between gold and cryptocurrencies is that mining cryptocurrencies is a pure 21st century industry.

And the number one infrastructure need for cryptocurrencies is electricity… hundreds and thousands of megawatts of electric power.

It’s why some of the earliest bitcoin miners rehabbed abandoned power plants. Or they built their own hydroelectric plants.

Today, Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) offers bitcoin miners a plug-and-play solution, but with a unique twist.

Link Global fuels its power plants with natural gas from abandoned wells.

It ships modified shipping containers equipped with generator, which are then connected to the old natural gas supply. Then the bitcoin mine moves into it.

That means the bitcoin mine won’t be downtown, but with 313,000 abandoned wells in Canada, and 3.2 million abandoned oil and gas wells in the United States,  Link Global-powered mines won’t be far from town.

The Need For Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) Is Staggering Because Bitcoin Miners’ Energy Needs Are Beyond Outrageous

People who are new to cryptocurrency mining might wonder what’s the big deal with mining and electricity.

And why does bitcoin mining make Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) such a high-potential investment?

The abridged reason is that bitcoins are mined (created) by people around the world who are all trying to solve the same mathematical problems using computers.

It gets cramped inside a Link Global bitcoin mine. This one is in Alberta, Canada.

About every 10 minutes, someone solves a problem and is rewarded with some bitcoins. Then, a new problem is generated, and the whole process starts over again.[1]

The massive energy drain is due to the thousands of computers a single company must run at the same time in order to efficiently solve a problem and mine a crypto such as bitcoin.

Written testimony before a U.S. Senate Committee in August 2018 claimed that bitcoin mining accounts for about 1% of the all the world’s energy consumption.[2]

If that’s right, then a single bitcoin network consumed about 120 gigawatts per second. This converts to about 63 terawatt-hours per year. And, that that’s enough to power about 120,000 single family homes for a year.

In September 2019 there were a whopping of 4.3 million mining machines mining bitcoin, with a need for 1.5 million more devices, according to Innosilicon, a China-based ASIC miner manufacturer.[3]

That was just bitcoin. There are more than 2,000 other cryptocurrencies.[4]

So, among all the obtuse or foreign sounding elements to bitcoin mining, investors of all sorts should be drawn to Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) for this reason.

Link Global is essentially a utility company… but oh what a utility company. One poised to support cryptocurrency miners that were some of 2020’s best investments.

Just look at these returns that were generated between January 2, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

  • Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT), up 1,433%.[5]
  • Marathon Patent Group (NASDAQ: MARA), up 1,135%.[6]
  • Hut 8 Mining (OTC: HUTMF) up 248%.[7]
  • HIVE Blockchain Technologies (OTC: HBVTF) 2,585%.[8]

Even NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) up 121%, and Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) up 96% had great years. They make the graphic processing units that drive the mining machines.[9]

Link Global Technologies… Set For Rapid Expansion

This is why there’s excitement about Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK),  and why investors need to take a closer look at it soon.

That’s because it fills a huge need, and that’s why its revenues are starting to flow.

  • In June 2020, Link received a $1 million security deposit to supply a third-party investment fund with computing power at an agreed upon rate of kilowatts per hour, for a 12-month term.
  • Also in June 2020 the company secured a Power Purchase Agreement with Block One Technologies, in which Link will supply Block One with 6MW of electrical power for digital mining operations, for a 12-month term.
  • In October 2020, Link commissioned 8.75 MW of generating power and two mobile data centers, resulting in revenues in excess of CAD $1 million.
  • October also saw that the ramping up of Link’s revenue generating activities became reflected in its quarterly revenues when Link brought in more than CAD $500,000 in fiscal Q3 2020.
  • In November 2020, Link secured Power Purchase Agreements with Block One Technologies, in which Link will supply Block One with 10MW of electrical power for digital mining operations, for a 12-month term.
  • Those agreements should net Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) nearly CAD $4 million in 2021.

By the way, Link Global may be classified as a penny stock, trading under $1, but news of the Block One Technologies deal saw Link Global’s share price jump 19%.[10]

That jump also has Link Global’s market cap poised to clear US $20 million, a 100% jump since late August, on 36 million shares outstanding.

This all adds up to Link Global as a unique small company.

Because, unlike many microcap companies, it came public on the stock exchange via an IPO, and, of course, unlike most microcaps, Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) is the rare example of a company that’s actually beginning to generate significant revenues.

That may set Link Global apart but, it should be no surprise considering the raging hot sector it services.

When The Billionaires Move In It’s Time To Take Notice

After all, cryptocurrency markets are now mature and have shed their “Wild West” reputations.

Bill Gates said, “Bitcoin is better than currency.”

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary said, “It is one of the most successful assets on the planet.”

PayPal Board Member Wences Casares said, “The biggest mistake is not to own any Bitcoin.”

And Paypal’s co-Founder, the Peter Thiel, said, “Bitcoin critics are underestimating it. It’s like a reserve form of money, it’s like gold.”

The Big Guns Are Moving In Too

Once, there was a time when Wall Street’s blue bloods and elites turned their noses up at blue-collar bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But now they’ve changed their tune, as is their wont when average Joes find a way to make a lot of money.

DBS Bank of Singapore said its crypto trading and custody platform (which is 10%-owned by the national stock exchange SGX) is ready to go live.

The New York Stock Exchange has a Bitcoin Index (NYXBT).

In December 2020, the NYSE-owned Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) began trading monthly bitcoin options.

London-headquartered Standard Chartered announced a crypto custody partnership with U.S.-based Northern Trust.

JPMorgan has deals with crypto exchanges Gemini and Coinbase It also has a long-term relationship with transfer agent TokenSoft, which for years was a hush hush deal.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board Options Exchange both launched bitcoin futures contracts.

Hedge fund pioneer Paul Tudor Jones II revealed his Tudor BVI Global Fund is now authorized to trade bitcoin futures.

PayPal now allows its U.S. users to buy, sell and hold select cryptocurrencies directly through PayPal using their Cash or Cash Plus account. It will expand the service into  Venmo this year.

Link Global Technologies Is One Of The Most Forward Thinking Companies Of The 2000s

When you dig in a really think about Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) it’s possible to ponder the fact that its most salable points have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.

That’s not a curve ball.

The cryptocurrency is certainly proof of concept and it could be a jumping off point for even more staggering revenues.

That’s because while Link Global’s crypto-focused generators are fueled by natural gas, there’s nothing to stop them from being fueled by solar or wind power.

And, because the generators are portable, though huge, they could easily be part of a well-run smart building or even a cannabis or vegetable farm greenhouse.

That latter would be a terrific symbiotic relationship with a crypto mine.

Because the heat from hundreds of mining machines could be used to heat the greenhouse.

And, were the greenhouse growing legal cannabis it would be well away from neighborhoods, on industrial zoned land, because the crypto generators are fueled by an abandoned natural gas well.

Adaptable For 21st Century Opportunities

These design elements and potential are no accident.

That’s because Link Global’s CEO, Stephen Jenkins, holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from the Royal Roads University.

He has also been recognized twice at the United Nations in New York for pioneering innovations in the environmental field.

Once was for establishing a huge collaborative that brought renewable energy industries to West Africa, and once for helping to establish a “cool neighborhoods” low carbon initiative in West Vancouver, B.C.

So, while a CEO being twice honored by the United Nations is not a reason to invest in a company, it is, however, a clear indication of the intellectual horsepower he brings to the job of running Link Global Technologies.

And that is but one of the…

9 Reasons For Investors To Make A Move Now Into Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK)

  1. Link Global is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. No other company had the vison to see the perfect marriage between cryptocurrency mining and millions of abandoned natural gas wells.
  2. Link Global Technologies is a microcap that’s on pace to generate a minimum US $8 million in revenues, with a market cap that approaches US $20. That’s another reason it’s rare.
  3. The cryptocurrency sector is finally maturing. That’s seen in the enormous share-price leaps – 1,100% to 2,585% – from the sector’s established miners.
  4. Link Global is an innovator, a disrupter, in the cryptocurrency space because its CEO, Stephen Jenkins, is a pioneer who has earned accolades from the United Nations, and across the globe, for initiatives that help both communities and the environment.
  5. Billionaires are getting into the game. Conservative banks are trading bitcoin futures.
  6. It all suggests the sector will demand even more electric generation than the 1% of all global electricity it now consumes.
  7. Whether you gag at the notion of environmental stewardship or not, it’s hard to deny that cryptocurrency mining’s voracious demand for fuel is not unfriendly to the planet, Link Global solves that problem.
  8. There are nearly four million abandoned natural gas wells in North America… many spew ozone-wrecking methane or leech fracking chemicals into ground water. The corporations that made those messes have skipped town.
  9. One small company has a plan to mitigate some of this disaster. The company is Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK). But, don’t mistake it for a charity. Link Global is an opportunist. It’s found something no one else has… the potential to turn a massive profit, and do a little good at the same time.

Link Global Could Be The Ultimate Definition Of “First-Mover Advantage”

Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) is a young company.

Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies) is a young industry.

Bitcoin has a good 20-year run ahead of it, at a minimum. Cryptocurrencies will now be around forever.

That’s why you should show this report to your broker or investment adviser ASAP, because Link Global Technologies is now servicing the cryptocurrency industry.

And that means Link Global Technologies (CSE: LNK) could be one of the all-time great long-term investments… moreover, a with potentially decades-long run that started its ascent at under $1 a share.











[10] is owned by MCM Consulting LLC., a Wyoming Corporation that has been compensated twenty five thousand dollars by Link Global to publicly disseminate information about Link Global, its products and services for potential customers and that while the company is publicly listed and its shares can be bought and sold, the purpose of this advertisement it to present information and awareness about Link Global and its products and services. We own zero shares.

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